5 ways to create Beneficial content for your Customers

How many times have you contacted a business for your queries?

If you are like most people, you don’t do it often, if at all

Most people would just go online and search out their questions to seek answers for the problems that are bugging them

There is a good chance that some of them will land on branded content, eventually. It is the responsibility of the brand to provide content that is authentic, genuine and reliable.

Lets see how can you accomplish that

1 Be an Expert in your Area

Being an expert means that you should know what you are talking about. You should be well versed with all the nuances in your business. Even Google takes this into consideration while ranking your content.

 So how do you let so, how do you let people know that you are the expert in the field

Add your experience – You need to integrate your experience and let people know what you have learned and use it to make your point

Show your work – Include your past projects that resonate with the article

Add Data – As an expert you need to have the updated data and you shouldn’t shy away from using it

2  Be Detailed 

The people coming to read your article might have multiple questions. Therefore, include as much information as you can.

So what does it mean

Get an Idea of what people are searching – You need to perform a keyword research to get an idea of what people are looking for. Note down all the relevant questions and create your content around the topic.

Pick One Topic – Instead of giving an overview of a bigger topic, you can pick a smaller topic and go in depth covering all the issues related to it

Think of the Results – Before creating content you need to analyse what will a reader gain from it. Your reader should always gain something new after reading your article.

3 Make it Readable

The best practice in creating a valuable piece of content is to make it readable. It doesn’t mean just correct grammar, but it also include many other things.

  • Create content based on your average reader’s understanding
  • Be clear and concise
  • Properly format the article using readability principles

4. Add your own favour

Your content shouldn’t feel like every other piece of content out there, it should have your own point of view as well

You can do it by

Adding a Updated View to the topic – Analyse what’s already out there and make it better

Add Your Touch – Impart your personality in the article by thinking out of the box

5 Provide a fulfilling experience

If you are creating an article for someone who is a novice in the industry, you need to add all the relevant information required. As a writer, it is your responsibility that you shouldn’t introduce advanced vocabulary at the first instance.

You can provide such experience by

Being Thorough – Include all the essentials in the article. Start from the very basic and transition all the way to the end.

Good Conclusion – Don’t leave the reader in middle, your article should have a proper ending giving the reader a course of action that he/she can follow